what women think about sex?

at age 8 ignore it

at age 18 experience it

at age 28 look for it

at age 38 ask for it

at age 48 beg for it

at age 58 pay for it

at age 68 pray for it

at age 78….. forget it!Cry


A friend is :

1% funny

2% sweet

3% caring

4% loving

90% good looking…

THAT’S WHY I’M YOUR FRIEND!!! You are so lucky!!Wink


Teacher :

Why do cows look depressed when milked?

student :

Madam, if someone rubs your tits for two hours & don’t fuck you…….how you feel………???Undecided


the elephant shocked and dying…

coz the ant said this to him…

“elephant… i am pregnant… and you are the father of my child”Laughing


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