Michael is a successful Sales Manager with XYZ Hotel. He has only been working for 18 months and was therefore interviewed about his rising success. What did he put his success down to ?

“Learn the basics….approach the client with a positive attitude, find out who the decision maker is.

Extract as much information as possible about their requirements, AND keep probing.

Many of my colleagues interrupt clients or misinterpret what they say instead of LISTENING and taking notes along the way.

If there is not an evident need at that time, find out when the prospective client may be looking to use your services.

File information and make a note in your diary to call the prospective client at an agreed time. You can also ask them for names of potential clients they know and that you can telephone.

Keep it short and simple my boss taught me – going through the motions of a sale is just not worth it and irritates the client – treat them with consideration.

Whatever you do, don’t bombard the client with too much information or get defensive and exaggerate when objections are raised.

This is a selling opportunity. It should be used to find out what the customers objections are to what you are currently offering to him and therefore give you a more accurate picture of what you should be selling him.

So knowing your product is important – for instance if you discount, let him know what the normal rate would have been. That way we fit our service around the customer, not vise versa.

Finally, never bad-mouth your competitors – keep the focus firmly on customer needs rather that our own needs and don’t call them by their forename unless they use yours……..that’s my recipe for success”.

What sort of attitude should a sales person adopt ?

a). A positive attitude.

b). Sell whatever to whoever, whenever attitude.

c). Empathetic attitude.

d). Defensive attitude.

e). Open / welcoming attitude towards objections.

d). Formal attitude.

When talking to a client remember :

a). Fit the clients needs around our service.

b) Devalue the Competition when Possible to Strengthen your case

c). Ask them for other leads you can follow up.

d). Successful selling is about knowing your product well.

e). The longer you talk to a client the better.


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