My Life Story, My Idol and My Guru

My Life Story :

Some of you might have a similar experience in your life story; and this is mine………..:

I was borne in the early morning on 15th June 1966 in Legian – Kuta, Bali where Indonesia had a very hard life situation during the above period after the Communist Party’s (PKI) killed 7 Generals as the first step in trying to take-over the ruling power of Indonesian Government but they failed (30th September 1965 – 1st October 1966).


My parent are a very poor farmer and uneducated who worked to the reach land’s owner and we must share half of the harvest to the land’s owner every time, actually we worked to make the owner reach and reaches, means there is no hope to change our future with this kind of situations and conditions but that is the fact of life – we were so poor and there was not any hope as my father could not pay my school contribution payment and he even said this word when I ask his permission to continue my study to Junior High School – “Nyoman, don’t ask me, you know how is our condition, you better ask your brother as he has a job already………….”, my oldest brother did not even passed his Elementary School and my second brother only passed the Elementary School (now he is in Australia). You all could imagine that how much is my brother salary with his education background and has no skills. I was lucky that I could study up to my S3 titled (SD, SMP, SMA) plus I toke the Basic Level Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Academy.


There is always way to make things better – the Universe Promise, your vision is your shepherd (you can do it if you can see it); these words I realized it after what I am today. It’s start from my vision when we were working in the rice-field (me and my father) as I pity my father, he worked so hard but there was not any improvement in our family future, I was only 8 years old child on that day and my Vision / Dream was “I do not want to be a Farmer likes my father and I must have a Better Future Life” and the fact now is; I am not – I am a General Manager of 4 stars Rated International Chain Hotel, it’s a very long journey, my journey to the Greatness with all of you and Together We Will: Success is not a Destination, Success is Addictive and a Repetition, Success is a Journey.


My philosophy to the Success achievement is: only 20% contribution came from your Formal Education Background, 50% is: You must work hard and another 30% is: You must improve your knowledge and skills with the new technology, information and knowledge itself, as we all know that the Power of Change – there is always new things happen. My success angles come from 3 Pillars and 1 Foundation which is : My Vision and the 3 Pillars are: My Philosophy, My Idol and My Guru.    



(The Universe Promise – by I Nyoman Wija)

My Idol :


I knew that my education background is not that fantastic as my family background did not allow me to do so, as I said earlier that; Poor, Hard Life and Lack of Supports would not stop me to achieve what I want. It’s take very long journey where I have to do my best efforts to accumulate all the knowledge and skills that I need to change my Future with full of struggles; read more books, learn from the success people’s step stone, Copied and Modified if I can not make it better, until I found my IDOL.


In my very long carrier experience; I have learned from various General Managers, they are Mr. Suzuki from Japan, Alpons James Ruiter from Netherlands, Mr. Warwick Filcher from Australia, Mr. John Ang from Singapore, Mr. Syariff Thalib from Malaysia, Mr. Bobby Foo from Singapore, Mr. Wally Smith from Australia, Mr. Hartono from Solo, Mr. Gunawan Wardhana from Bogor, Mr. Francis Dehnhardt from Germany and among all those General Managers: Mr. Francis Dehnhardt is the youngest and he even younger then me about 3 months as both of us was borne in year 1966. Mr. Francis Dehnhardt is my IDOL; he always full of energy and passion, smart, very details and he has very sharp nose on the Business Prediction and Trend. I learned a lot from him and most of my knowledge to become a good General Manager, indirectly I learned from him.


Mr. Francis Dehnhardt has changed my life, he has changed my future, he has changed my carrier; he is my IDOL, this is real “THE POWER OF CHANGE” has worked on me. The Power of CHANGE:  

                        C – CHALLENGE (there is always challenge in change)

                        H – HOSTILE (you always face the people who against change)

                        A – ADVANTURE (you will experience the different things in change)

                        N – NEW (in change, you will find something NEW)

                        G – GORGEOUS (if the change is for better, of-course you will happy)

                        E – EXTRA (in change, definitely you will find an EXTRA…………)


Yes, The Power of Change really work on me, start from my dream (Vision); Poor, Hard Life, Lack of Supports can not stop me from Success as I became a General Manager in 3 Stars Rated International Chain Hotel in Jakarta in 34 Years Old – 1st February 2001. The Universe has promised to all of us a success life but it’s depend on how you are going to receive it or maybe you will not receive it because you did not know how….?!!!


There are 4 Laws of Cause and Effect:

1.      Law of Expectation ( Vision)

2.      Law of Believe ( Faith )

3.      Law of Attraction (Action)

4.      Law of Correspondence (Receive)


Just say it loudly and mean it: “SUCCESS  IS  MY  RIGHT” – Andri Wongso.


You have declared your WISH (Vision), now what you need is to “Believe it” then you need to take Action – “Do the Best what you are” then you are ready to receive Success.


My Guru :


To sustain your carrier and to ensure that you always give the best of your production results, you really need continues (unstop) inspiration entering your ways of Thinking, your ways of Working and your ways of Life and that inspiration come from GURU; My Guru has provided me a direction to Success, My Guru has leaded me the ways of Success and My Guru has given me the Secret of Success and he is: Mr. Karl Linus Waelti the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Choice Hotels Indonesia and now he is the CEO of Core Hospitality International from Switzerland – Swiss. He always positive thinking whatever is the situation of the Company, in my eyes; he has more ears, he has more eyes and he has more energy compare to more then 12 General Managers around him, for all those of his talents I really admire and salute him. This is the real unfinishable inspirations and I believe his adventure stories even more exciting if we compared to the Indiana Jones Movie that you have watch in Studio, more details about him – please visit his Blog:


Learning from Mr. Karl Linus Waelti philosophy, I learned even further ways of Success, it’s come from word “THINK BIG” :

T – TALENT / TIME (every single soul in the Universe has been 

granted a Talent and Time to achieve

maximum Results in his / hers carrier by

using of his / hers Talent)

H – HOPE / HONESTY (in the Business line, Honesty is everything

and the honest action in whatever you do

will brings a million opportunity / Hope in 

his / her carrier)

I – INSIGHT (Insight is part of Knowledge that you can retrieve it  

from talking to people and also reading  

books, we could judge people from the

book he or she read)

N – NICE (be Nice to every single person in your workplace is

a must, this attitudes will give you better

advantage in the pool of competition

as unpredictable thing happen)

K – KNOWLEDGE (yes, Knowledge is key to life, knowledge 

will give you better chance to Success,

knowledge you can get via reading books  

or learn from Success story of Success

people in the world)


B – BOOK (be active in reading books, via books our ancestors

                                and the Great Creators and Scientists

                                communicate to us, without books we might

                                not know about them today)

I – INDEPTH KNOWLEDGE (knowing only is not enough,

                                    knowledge must be implemented, you must

                                    become an expert if you want to success in

                                    your carrier)

G – GOD (God is the mighty Creator as source of every Knowledge

                                    and Skills, never feel that you are too big or

                                    too high, Please say with humbleness:

                                    Thank you Lord for the Blessing that you

                                    grant us, Thank you for your Kindness and

Mercy, Amins)


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